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All of your legal matters will receive personal, careful attention at every step in the legal process.

Family Law - Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most difficult transitions in an adults life. Our professionals at the Law Office of Donna Hernandez understand the emotions and confusion surrounding divorce. Friends and family give you contradictory advice, with both anger and sadness adding to the challenges. We will help you cut through the well-meaning but sometimes faulty advice and show you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Estate Planning and Probate

Wills, powers of attorney and directives help your family through a difficult time, and gives them direction concerning how you want your property distributed and how you want medical decisions handled if you are incapacitated. We help clients who need simple Wills as well as those who require complex estate planning. When you lose a loved one, we can help you through the confusing probate or other administration.

Real Estate and Construction

Buying a home, building residential or commercial properties, and developing property are all exciting prospects. We can help turn your vision into reality by working on contracts and negotiations - ensuring all the legal documents are in order to protect your investment and interests.

Civil Litigation

We live in a world of contracts and agreements. When disputes arise, negotiation or mediation is the first step, but if that doesn't work out the law offers a further recourse -- litigation. We have handled a wide range of cases for our clients, representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits.

Family Law - Post Divorce

The divorce may be final, but post-divorce issues keep arising and family circumstances keep changing. Sometimes those issues require a post-divorce modification to previous orders. While many restructured families find ways to deal with changes, others need the help of attorneys and judges.

Business Planning

We help new businesses plan their strategies in the event of the death of an owner, dissolution of the business, disability or divorce of a partner, and other contingencies. We prepare formation documents, non-compete agreements, and other documents to put the new business on a solid legal foundation.

Employment Law

We have extensive experience in dispensing legal advice in employment law and business law covering all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. We represent clients at mediations, arbitrations, settlement negotiations, in jury and non-jury trials, and handle appeals.

Bankruptcy and Collections

These uncertain times bring a variety of collections and asset protection issues. We handle represent a number of creditors in collection matters including following assets through fraudulent transfers and other conveyances.

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